• The positive effect of sanitation tailgate

    The positive effect of sanitation tailgate

    Jiangsu Terneng Tripod Special equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. takes pride in developing products that are essential to the sanitation industry. Known as the tailgate for sanitation vehicles, it has a positive impact on the overall performance and functionality of these heavy trucks. The tailga...
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  • Why can’t the tailgate of the truck be raised?

    Can’t lift the tailgate of the truck? This can happen for any number of reasons. For many truck owners, their tailgate is equipped with an automotive hydraulic tailgate that allows for smooth and easy raising and lowering of the tailgate. However, if the hydraulic lift system is not working...
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  • Precautions and maintenance for using tailgate

    Precautions ① Must be operated and maintained by trained professionals; ② When operating the tail lift, you must concentrate and pay attention to the operation status of the tail lift at any time. If any abnormality is found, stop immediately ③ Carry out a routine inspection of the tail plate on ...
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  • Car tailgate installation – car tailgate installation steps

    Quick Guide for Ordinary Tail Plate Installation (Installation Sequence) 1. Dismantling and cutting (taillights, license plates, tow hooks, spare tires, rear protection, etc.) Do not destroy the installation of the removed product, which is convenient for reinstallation. 2. Spot welding positioni...
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  • Analysis and Forecast of Automotive Tailgate Market

    Automobile tailgate is a kind of hydraulic lifting and unloading equipment powered by on-board battery for installing various closed vehicle tails. Widely used in postal, financial, petrochemical, commercial, manufacturing and other industries, it can greatly improve the efficiency of transportat...
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  • How to install the car tailgate correctly to improve work efficiency!

    To choose a good tailgate, you must first determine the type of tailgate according to the specific purpose of the vehicle and the type of cargo to be transported; the lifting capacity and plate size of the tailgate are determined by the weight and volume of the cargo loaded and unloaded at one ti...
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  • Teach you the four main points of choosing a car tailgate

    The tailgate is widely used on various trucks because of its convenient and quick loading and unloading. It can be used not only for loading and unloading, but also as a tailgate for trucks. Only the controller can lower the tailgate, and it is harder than the rear door of a car, so it also has t...
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  • Common sense of daily maintenance of car tailgate

    The tailgate of the car is a kind of auxiliary equipment for loading and unloading logistics. It is a steel plate installed at the back of the truck. It has a bracket. According to the principle of electric hydraulic control, the lifting and landing of the steel plate can be controlled by the but...
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  • Knowledge of ordering steel tailgate

    Do you know these knowledge about ordering steel tailgate? The steel tailgate we are talking about today is a cantilevered lift tailgate that is installed on box trucks, trucks, and the tail of various vehicles for loading and unloading goods. With the on-board battery as the power source, as its...
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  • Technology Development Trend

    Taking Germany as an example, there are currently about 20,000 ordinary trucks and vans in Germany that need to be installed with tail panels for different purposes. In order to make the tailgate more and more used in various fields, manufacturers have to continue to improve. Now, the tailgate is...
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  • How to quickly buy a suitable car tail plate?

    How to quickly buy a suitable car tail plate?

    In such an environment, the automobile tail plate, as a vehicle loading and unloading tool installed in the rear of the car, with its characteristics of greatly improving the efficiency of loading and unloading, ensuring operational safety and reducing operating costs, i...
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  • The characteristics of automobile tail plate and market prospect

    The characteristics of automobile tail plate and market prospect

    Functions and operations Tail plate is installed in the truck and a variety of sealed vehicle tail of a hydraulic transmission loading and unloading equipment, which can not only be used to load and unload goods, but also can be used as the rear door of the van, so it is usually called the tail p...
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